The Commission for Quality Assurance of Association HVC

The Commission for Quality Assurance successfully works under the Associaton HVC. The Commission’s actions are primarily oriented towards the development, implementation and upkeeping the quality systems in higher vocational colleges in connection with the preparation and realization of both internal and external evaluations, the evaluation results and taking the relevant decisions for the future. To increase the quality on all levels the consultations with presidents of the HVC Commissions are needed as well as consultations with principals, and the annual conference of quality in higher vocational education. Since the completion of the Project IMPLETUM the Commission works in cooperation with NAKVIS. Quality Assurance has become a central part of Slovene Higher Vocational Colleges. Results can be seen in particular in successful external evaluation of schools and at the same time, the external evaluations provide an opportunity to be even better.

The Commission’s aims in the field of quality:

  • To encourage and to promote the system of quality assurance in Higher Vocational Colleges.
  • To provide a platform for members to obtain and exchange information, views, examples of good practice in the field of quality.
  • To prepare and implement additional education and training in the field of HVC quality.
  • To develop a system of business excellence adjusted for higher vocational education.
  • To give the necessary support to development of the Quality Assurance System in Higher Vocational Colleges.

Members of The Commission for Quality Assurance: mag. Gabriel Kotnik, dr. Branko Škafar, Marija Sraka, dr. Anita Goltnik Urnaut, dr. Andreja KriŽman and mag. Tjaša Vidrih.